EQ’s Hosting a Social Impact Panel with EDUrain at VentureCafe

Bryon Pierson, founder of EDUrain, is delivering VentureCafe’s programming this week with a three-panel session over a couple of hours block. He’s got together a great set of speakers to not only discuss cybersecurity, but also how to build social impact businesses and why it’s an end-to-end opportunity in St. Louis.

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Join EQ at Venture Cafe this Thursday

EDUrain is partnering with Venture Cafe STL for Cyber St. Louis: Leveraging Innovation for Progressive Impact! The event will bring visibility to diverse companies and professionals who are furthering technologies within the education, cyber security and social impact industries.

If you’ve enjoyed the articles on EQ recently, come and join me at VentureCafe this Thursday, and meet the rest of the start up community in person. Sessions start 4pm, but stick around for the free beers until 6pm, where you can join me on panel with Anatolij Gemlinson from Fast DemoCracy and others, where I’ll be moderating the closing discussion on social impact.

The full agenda is below:

The Impact of Modern Day Cyber Attacks


During this panel discussion, we will discuss the evolution of cyber attacks. From emails to mobile attacks. From credit card scams to bitcoin attacks and the effects of them on businesses of all sizes. 

Moderator: Chris Shafer, Principal Engagement Engineer – Well Principled

Speaker 1: Sabree Blackmon, Cyber-Security Expert  – Docker

Speaker 2: Kenneth Eversole, Systems Reliability Engineer – Cloudflare/EDUrain

Speaker 3: Brian Gant, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity – Maryville University

5 – 6pm Office Hours w/ Carlin Box (Country Financial)

From the Lab to the Classroom: Innovative Ways to Teach Tech in Underserved Communities

5:00 – 5:45pm PANEL #2 EDUCATION

Positioning for Panel: With a panel of education professionals ranging from teachers to edtech app developers, we will discuss different schools of thought and action to make tech more accessible for underserved communities. 

Moderator: Elaine Queathem, CEO – Savvy Coders

Speaker 1: Jack Krewson, Co-Founder – Kairos Academies

Speaker 2: Dr. Timothy Lewis- SIUE Professor Political Science

Speaker 3: Antionette Carroll- Creative Reaction Lab

Using Tech to Build Community and Scale Social Impact Companies


Using Tech to Build Community and Scale Social Impact Companies

Positioning for Panel: This discussion is centered around the work being done in the social impact business community to move the needle in their industries. Weโ€™ll dive into the tech being used to scale their businesses and the strategies they use to build loyal community online.

Moderator: Jonathan Allen, Owner & Editor, EQSTL

Speaker 1: Samantha Menezes, Senior Director – Daugherty Business Solutions

Speaker 2: Arron Zheng, Co-Founder  – EDUrain

Speaker 3: Anatolij Gelimson, CTO – Fast Democracy