STL Startup Gift Guide: 13 Products (and Experiences) to Give

Let's face it. The holiday season is so chock full of good things–traditions, family, get togethers, work events–it's easy to get caught up in the bustle. Support a startup and get your gifting organized with our guide to thirteen gifts from St. Louis startups.

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Let’s face it. The holiday season is so chock full of good things–traditions, family, get-togethers, work events–it’s easy to get caught up in the bustle. And there are presents to buy, too!

To help get your gifting going, we’ve captured thirteen gifts St. Louis startups have brought to market. It’s a diverse list, ranging from thrifty to spendy, from fun to fabulous, and everything in between.

Buying from this list would support a local business–and, we left partridges alone, so you can feel good all the way around.

For the peddling minimalist:

This sleek, on-the-wall Artifox bike rack hangs bikes and preserves feng shui.


Price: $199

For the young–or young at heart:

Bloxels by Pixel Press building blocks also construct video games, bridging the physical and digital world by leveraging imagination.


Price: Starting at $49.95

For heroic kids:

Tiny Superheroes capes cloak kids with love and support and instills courage and confidence as they play. Extra bonus: The buy-one, give-one model ensures your gift is one that will truly keep on giving.

Tiny Superheroes

Price: starting at $35

For the undaunted (or daunted) wanderer:

The SafeTrek App app keeps walkers safe by monitoring progress and dispatching help if needed. Give the gift of safety.


Price: $2.99/month

For the parental figure:

The babysitting service gives time and peace of mind for parents who need both. Give the gift of Date Night.

STL Sitter

Price: Scheduling fee + hourly rate

For the gastronome:

Com Kom is multi-flavored organic locally brewed kombucha quenches thirst and boasts health benefits.
Available at stores around town for ~$4.50/bottle.


For the textile aficionado: offers gabric bundles and patterns delivered monthly to keep quilting/textile/craft projects running seamlessly


Price: $39.95/month

For the animal lover/owner:

Riley’s Organics offers snacks good enough for any family member but are meant for furry ones.

Riley Organics

Price: $24.99

For the homebody:

Need/Want’s Smart Bedding is the duvet and sheet set made for people who aren’t sure about a top sheet


Price: starting at $349

For the DIYer:

TechShop is offering a year-long #GiftOfMaking membership grants access to all tools and technology the TechShop offers.


Price: varied membership levels

For the Far-Flung Friend:

You don’t have to be close at hand to give a hand-picked gift. With Greetabl, you choose the gift, the packaging, and personalize with photos online, and they do the rest.

Greetabl holiday

Prices: varied

For yourself:

Don’t forget to treat yourself with Soozie’s Doozies. Use this St. Louis-made (and made with all-natural ingredients) gourmet frozen cookie dough to bake delicious cookies at home. Santa would approve.


Starting at $29.95

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