Industry Spotlight: "Making Sense of [Your Industry]"

Sprint through the short quiz below and fill your answers in the spaces provided. Don't overthink it... just get it done! Imagine you're writing a quick email.

Answers can be as long or as short as you feel comfortable with. We would recommend keeping your answers between 1-3 paragraphs, but feel free to say more if the inspiration takes you and EQ will take care of the editing!
  • Step 1. Complete Profile

  • We'll include this in the article so our readers can connect with you and we'll also grab your headshot from here to illustrate your answers and create social promotion graphics.
  • We'll include your website in the article if you have one.
  • Before We Start

  • For example, what do you call your industry? Does your sector have a specific name or are different names emerging? Does your industry intersect with any other more well known industries?
  • Let's Get Started!

    Where you see [your industry], imagine the question refers to your industry the way you describe it above.

    I.E. We're looking for your view on what you do.
  • Step 2. Complete Interview

  • Step 3. Consent to Publishing Agreement