Dog Kennel, Entrepreneur Board Game and A.I. Clothes-sizing Concepts Claim Prizes at Mizzou

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  • Published on March 23, 2022
  • In Awards & Recognition
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Dog Kennel, Entrepreneur Board Game and A.I. Clothes-sizing Concepts Claim Prizes at Mizzou.

Yesterday’s Entrepreneur Quest competition at Mizzou saw student entrepreneurs pitch some unique ideas and solutions as they competed for $30K in cash prizes. The final results are listed below:

First Place for $15K

Murray Kennel Company – A Murphy-style dog crate that folds up against any wall to save space, presented by Jack Murray.

Jack Murray (left) claims the top prize at Mizzou’s Entrepreneur Quest for his foldable dig kennel concept.

Second Place for $10K

SKYPIG – Imaginative games that inspire entrepreneurship, presented by Aaron Heienickle.

Aaron Heienickle (left) claims second place at Mizzou’s Entrepreneur Quest for his entrepreneurial board game concept that plays a bit like Cards Against Humanity.

Third Place for $5K

ALLTER – A platform that collects and translates customer data to deliver accurate clothing sizes, presented by Michelle Gershkovich.

Michelle Gershkovich (left) claims third place at Mizzou’s Entrepreneur Quest for their A.I driven sizing solution for online shoppers.

Other Competitors

Askepion Universal Medical Network (AUMN) – A blockchain-based computer program that stores and maintains electronic medical records, Chris Floyd.

Nuffroom – A mobile app that streamlines the noise complaint resolution process, presented by Zeph France.

Rad By Design – One-of-a-kind fashion pieces created with repurposed textiles, presented by Georgiana Gnibus.

Supersole – Affordable and customizable shoe insoles created with 3D printing technology, presented by Kobe Messick and Sam O’Neill.

Student Storage – Lockable secure bins for students to use for easy storage over summer break, presented by Noah Strodtman.

Beam Bracelet – A wearable, fashionable, and hygienic storage for orthodontic devices, presented by Clay Van Eaton and Reagan Van Eaton.

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