Acera Surgical, Inc. is a medical device company located in St. Louis, MO producing the first-in-class line of implantable nanofabricated neurosurgical meshes offering superior handling, greater ease of use, increased reliability, and improved clinical outcomes for surgeons, patients, and payors. Acera Surgical is producing the Cerafix™ Dural Substitute (“Cerafix™”); the first resorbable, nanofabricated surgical mesh for use in neurosurgical procedures.

Cerafix™ is an implantable, “cloth-like” surgical material composed of polymeric nanofibers, fibers smaller in diameter than individual human cells that mimic the natural extracellular matrix. Due to its unique nanofabricated structure, Cerafix™ possesses multiple unique material and biological properties unseen in existing neurosurgical products.

Specifically, Cerafix™ provides superior handling properties, increased ease of use, improved biocompatibility, and reduced rates of complications compared to existing products. Cerafix™ is therefore poised to improve surgical efficiency, reduce surgical complications, and facilitate superior clinical outcomes in neurosurgical patients.

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