Confluence Life Sciences (CLS) is developing innovative treatments for animal and human diseases with a pipeline of programs based on novel kinase targets and novel approaches to challenging kinase targets.

The company is discovering and developing new drugs to treat both veterinary and human disease. These drugs are designed to target the large unmet medical needs associated with cancer and chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease in both markets.

CLS is a drug discovery and development company focusing on signal transduction targets and rational drug design to discover and develop mechanistically novel drugs for use in both human and animal health care.

CLS has assembled a team of world-class experts to develop a portfolio of projects to address unmet medical needs in cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. Specifically, CLS’s team focuses on drugs that target key enzymes involved in the regulation of cancer growth, metastasis and survival, or in the modulation of chronic inflammation.

CLS utilizes a detailed understanding of the kinase enzymes and its proprietary KINect Discovery Platform to design proprietary inhibitors that are selective and have good drug-like properties. In addition, because of demand for the team’s expertise, the company has established a CRO, Confluence Discovery Technologies, Inc., which provides research support with clients from large pharma to academic scientists.

Value will be derived by partnering or out-licensing opportunities with Pharma and Biotech companies when the programs reach specific early milestones such as Candidate Identification, IND-ready or clinical proof-of-concept. These milestones mark value inflection points where probability of success is increased as is value to shareholders.

The CLS team has decades of experience developing and licensing drug candidates and has the proven track record to choose the best and highest value programs, and then deliver viable clinical candidates. The CLS team will leverage the KINect Technology Platform to discover, develop, partner and repeat.

KINect enables new target ID and development of new protein kinase drugs in a fraction of the time of other approaches. The KINect platform includes a novel thiol-directed kinase inhibitor library and industry best practices to identify compounds that can be used to generate lead compounds and drug candidates.

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