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Big Pharma Teams Up with St. Louis Vaccine Startup & Why it Matters

Protected: RockTheScore helps renters build their credit score to purchase properties in future

Protected: HabiTerre is geospatial technology company specializing in environmental and productivity modeling for food and agriculture

Protected: TCARE is a caregiver support platform designed to prevent caregiver burnout

Protected: InfraLytiks specialize in making data meaningful and operate a suite of geospatial data analytics and artificial intelligence products

Protected: HIVE is developing a remote patient monitoring device for long-term IV medication

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New Incubator for Manufacturing Companies Emerges From Pandemic

“A fractional CFO is essentially a CFO that spreads their time between a number of different clients, usually three to eight clients,” says Jacob Sheldon, founder of Silicon CFO, a startup that offers fractional recruitment services for startups looking to hire a CFO.

What is a Fractional CFO?

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