Meet the Super Pants Startup Targeting $20MM

Exit Stealth Mode. Activate Beast Mode!

AGOGIE expects to turn $3M investment into $20MM by the end of the year. Meet the pants that maketh the man, Aaron Mottern.

“Today was the first time that I’ve personally ever been on a national TV show,” shared Aaron Mottern in a LinkedIn post. “It was a little nerve-racking and I’m very happy I did this interview.”

Even before COVID-19, there was a worldwide trend emerging where people were abandoning the the gym to work out in small groups, in smaller locations, and at home. Following COVID-19, now even mainstream consumers have started to use a hybrid model when it comes to exercise, says Aaron Mottern, Founder & CEO of AGOGIE.

A Category Defying Athleisure Fashion Brand Built in St. Louis

“AGOGIE has used all types of available capital in the market. We have bootstrapped, raised money from friends, raised angel investment, early-stage healthcare VC capital, and used debt capital. In total, we have raised over $3M between debt and equity capital,” he told EQ over email.

AGOGIE has grown from small revenue in 2017 to a multi-million dollar company in 2021, growing rapidly each year. They expect to exceed a $20MM run rate by the end of 2022, says Aaron.

“I’ve got more shower ideas to be turned into products!” said Aaron, “this is just the beginning for AGOGIE.”

What Does AGOGIE Do?

AGOGIE designs, creates, and sells a new category of athletic wear: “Resistance Apparel.” With resistance bands built inside, AGOGIE resistance apparel adds constant tension to every movement, giving people a convenient and comfortable way to burn more calories and fat, add tension to every movement, activate more muscles, and increase balance and agility.

“From the professional athlete and fitness enthusiast to the man in physical therapy and the working mom struggling to find time to exercise, there are no limits to the lives these pants can change,” Aaron told EQ in interview over email. “An individual can improve muscle activation, calorie burn, fat burn, and Improve strength, balance, and mobility. All by simply by adding our resistance apparel to their daily lives.”

How Does AGOGIE Make Money?

“We make money by selling our products directly to individual consumers through our website and directly to sports programs across the world,” said Aaron. “The sports performance apparel and athleisure markets size is $428B, and we’ve created a new market within these markets, which we call “Resistance Apparel.”” 

AGOGIE currently has a distributor in South Korea and plans on opening in the United Kingdom in early 2022.

Who Does AGOGIE Compete With?

Aaron cited two competitors, Physiclo and SweetFlexx, which both have resistance in their products. He said AGOGIE differentiates with a patent-pending design that activates your muscles differently and is comfortable to wear all day long.

“The Physiclo product is an ultra compression product with a very heavy material base. Their resistance is an X pattern waistband sewn into the garment that crosses the groin area,” said Aaron. “Sweetflex is more of a yoga tight with very thin surgical based rubber sewn into the front of the product, giving you minimal resistance.”

AGOGIE’s Mission

At AGOGIE, we want to be part of whatever brings out the best in people, no matter what form that โ€œbestโ€ takes. Maybe itโ€™s physical fitness, overall health, time management, recovery, athletic performance, or simply the ability to stay active.

We believe a personโ€™s best never resides on the outside, but rather it lives on the inside. It is the part of them that canโ€™t settle; the voice in their head that refuses to quit no matter how tough things get.

At AGOGIE, we call that the Inner Warrior, and thatโ€™s why our logo resembles the Spartan shield, armor carried by ancient Greeceโ€™s most feared and respected warriors.

We are on a mission to empower the Inner Warrior in all our customers.

Joining the resistance is more than owning resistance apparel. It is a commitment to overcome obstacles, resist limitations, and become stronger in body and mind.

Aaron Mottern, Founder & CEO of AGOGIE