The Haunting of the Missouri Botanical Gardens

Boo! Yes, I’m jumping out of nowhere and springing a new post on you despite leaving this blog dormant for so long. But, hey, sometimes an ancient tradition breaks a lazy habit and a good halloween story always awakes writerly curiosity in me, like Dracula shaking off the shackles of a slumbering torpor.

And today’s tale seemed apt as fellow EQ blogger, Mike Fabrizi, published a piece on the The Unseen Work of the Missouri Botanical Garden earlier this summer.

But did you hear the one about how the Missouri Botanical Garden is haunted? Well, yes, you probably have heard about it… but did you ever hear the ghosts speaking? If not, watch this chilling video!

Maybe I’ve just been internet rabbit-holing on too many Edgar Allen Poe movies on Netflix (check out The Pale Blue Eye and The Fall of the House of Usher if interested), but I finally had the stomach to give this short documentary my full and undivided attention, and…

… well, all I can say is that you may want to keep the lights on. And not say Candyman five times in the mirror.