$950K in Grants Awarded to Growing Companies in St. Louis

19 winning companies will receive $50,000 each and pro-bono or heavily discounted professional services from respected local firms. In turn, the startups will commit to operating their business from St. Louis for a period of at least one year.

Arch Grants has awarded $950,000 in non-dilutive grants to 19 new startups and early-stage businesses. The 2020 Cohort includes companies moving to St. Louis from cities around the country, including San Francisco, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and several others.

Meet the nineteen 2020 Arch Grants Companies, whose products and services will help shape the St. Louis of tomorrow:

Following a commitment made in 2019 to award grants to geospatial technology integrated startups in support of the growing geospatial ecosystem in St. Louis, the 2020 cohort includes 7 companies whose products or services utilize geospatial technology and/or capture geospatial data.

β€œWe ended up receiving almost 200 applications from geospatial-related companies,” said Executive Director Emily Lohse-Busch in a press release. “In addition to awarding some incredible companies this year, I’m thrilled with the connections we were able to make with universities, professional societies and geospatial collectives around the world.”

GeoSpatial Tech Startups

Disruptel (St. Louis, MO) has a visually aware artificial intelligence technology that allows users to ask questions about the video content they are watching on their voice enabled device, and receive a visual answer back as an overlay on their screen.

Eemerg Roadside Assistance (St. Louis, MO) is an on-demand mobile roadside assistance platform geared toward customers with limited roadside assistance options.

HUM Industrial Technology (St. Louis, MO) has developed a wireless sensor system for freight railcars. Hum’s technology combines low power, wireless communications, geospatial tracking, and predictive analytics to make rail shipping transparent and reliable.

Kwema (St. Louis, MO) is the OnStar meets E-Zpass for employee safety using wearables that require no behavior change.

Mission Control (St. Louis, MO) is a software platform that enables organizations to gather and grow their communities through recreational esports.

Neer (Kansas City, MO) has created an Artificial Intelligence Platform for Water Systems.

Stratodyne (Columbia, MO) uses smart balloons to capture real-time geospatial data from the edge of space.

Startups Relocating to St. Louis

3D Gloop! (Edwardsville, IL) creates unparalleled adhesives and coatings for use in additive manufacturing/3D printing.

Bold Xchange (Charlotte, NC) an online shop offering fast shipping on a curated collection of products from black-owned businesses.

Inclusively (Richmond, VA) is a human-first employment solution built in collaboration with people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

Mosaic (Eden Prairie, MN) aggregates electronic medical record data from disparate sources to provide a complete picture of a patient’s care.

LabsLand (San Francisco, CA/Balboa, Spain) is democratizing STEM education by providing online access to real laboratories from all over the world.

Rebundle (Charlotte, NC) is making synthetic braiding hair better for the scalp and better for the environment.

ServiceTarget (Bozeman, MT) helps teams quickly create self-service applications designed to make customers more self-sufficient.

Homegrown St. Louis Startups

ATR Thrive (St. Louis, MO) develops and markets natural/novel feed supplements for infant animals in the agriculture food industry.

Bloom Beauty Brand (St. Louis, MO) is a beauty-tech/social mission company that creates customizable, all-natural beauty products.

Flipstik (St. Louis, MO) is a technology company that uses NASA’s adhesive research to create consumer goods. Their namesake product, The Flipstik, allows the user to stick their phone to virtually any flat surface for hands-free use.

Native Pet (St. Louis, MO) makes supplements for dogs and cats that get real results, made with responsibly sourced clean label ingredients chosen for their natural power to help your pet feel best.

Well Principled (St. Louis, MO) is an A.I. management consultant that optimizes marketing and supply chain strategy for major CPG brands and retailers