Startup Pursuing Sharing Economy Model for Outdoor Adventures Moves Into T-Rex adapts the sharing economy model to the outdoor industryโ€™s needs with a sleek platform that connects hosts and users through online listings for outdoor recreation. Outside360 joined the T-REX roster of early-stage technology start-ups in January of 2019, when they moved their office space to the T-REX facility.

Murielle Gaither, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Outside360, stated, โ€œAfter we visited the space last year, we knew this is where we needed to be. Our team is excited about the resources available to us through T-REX, especially the opportunity to learn from and build connections with other startups in the space.โ€

In addition to joining T-REX, Outside360 was accepted into ITEN, an Information Technology Entrepreneurial Network, and has been selected to participate in the GatewayVMS mentorship program in St. Louis. They will also be included in the spring cohort of the SquareOne Ignite program hosted by the Center for Emerging Technologies.

โ€œThe move to St. Louis was a natural one for our company,โ€ says Gaither.

โ€œOur web development and legal teams are based here, as well as our Public Relations partner. Culturally, itโ€™s a great fit too. St. Louis has embraced the outdoor industry with open arms in recent years, and has a strong emphasis on work-life balance for its residents.โ€

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