Redefining “Normal.”

Rugged style made from the finest fabrics. Comfortable, durable clothes, and versatile gear.

As guys from the Midwest, our Normal has always been somewhere between the city and the country.

Our family of 7 brothers and 3 sisters grew up in the city but escaped to the outdoors every weekend or day off. We hunted, fished, spent nights around the fire and days at the lake, but still lived in, worked in, and loved the hustle of a city.

This whole thing started because we couldn’t find a shirt that would hold up to our lifestyle. We needed a brand that made sense to us — to our day-to-day. We wanted a Normal shirt.

To do that, we have sourced the finest fabrics from around the world and introduced them to an everyday sensibility. Our style is straightforward but significant.

Durability and versatility are of the utmost importance, and every detail matters. Beat it up outside and take it out to dinner that night — that’s the life.

We were taught that your best should be your Normal, so that’s what we are trying to do.

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