Coolfire is a software development company that enhances real-time event awareness, control, and response. Coolfire has developed the only collaboration software uniquely focused on situational awareness–capable of organizing distributed people, assets, and information to get more work done, faster.

Coolfire Solutions is the creator of the Ronin Platform, a real-time situational awareness delivery platform, built to integrate data from any source and transform it into actionable intelligence. Ronin, developed initially for the U.S. Military, is now widely adopted by innovative industry leaders such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Coolfire Solutions built the Ronin Platform to empower people on the edge of operations with actionable intelligence. Ronin connects data from disparate systems and sensors, then visualizes the data by putting it in context for the users, and creates an environment for real-time communication between all entities to generate and maintain a common operational picture.

Originally developed to help soldiers on the battlefield achieve situational awareness, Ronin now supports a wide variety of employees operating on the frontlines in a variety of industries.

Coolfire’s patented technology orchestrates cross-functional teams
across time and location to respond faster and more effectively. Coolfire is a trusted technology resource for corporate and
government customers from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to the US Department of Defense.

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