Cofactor Genomics uses RNA to diagnose disease. Our RNA-based tests are enabling drug companies to develop new drugs and helping physicians make personalized medicine a reality.

Cofactor provides unique and valuable diagnostics and disease monitoring for the 95% of diseases that cannot be diagnosed by DNA.

Reading a patient’s DNA informs someone about a probability of someday contracting the disease, but says little about their current state of health. This is because our DNA remains largely unchanged throughout our life. RNA, on the other hand, is changing all the time in response to diet, exercise, infection, and disease.

It serves as a barometer of health, reporting on what is happening in your body right at this instant. Our team of former Human Genome Project Scientists (who have worked together for 15 years) have developed technologies necessary to enable RNA’s use as a diagnostic.

Cofactor Genomics is not just a resource for next-generation sequencing. We offer full-services solutions that make your data matter. Cofactor Genomics is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) formed in 2008 with a vision to fill the gap of beginning-to-end sequencing in an industry full of ill-fitted, piecemeal solutions.

Our team of experts boasts decades of collective experience working in the Technology Development Group at the Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. We currently work with some of the largest life-science, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and biofuels companies in the world.

Cofactor is not a sequencing company. Cofactor is a client-focused CRO that uses its multiple sequencing platforms and in-house bioinformaticians to execute experimental design. Our clients are professionals that demand results as opposed to requiring data.
Cofactor has completed more than 3,000 projects to date and has provided unparalleled products, services, and solutions.

All of our clients’ projects benefit from the constant feedback process of “build, measure, learn” that is ingrained at Cofactor in our beginning-to-end service. This feedback optimization process has created our service and products, and is simply not possible in non-CRO firms that are exposed to only a small aspect of the entire process (just sample prep, just sequencing, just analysis… or even design without industry experience).

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