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EQ was created in 2015 to raise the visibility of the St. Louis startup scene. EQ started life as a beautiful print magazine created by ALIVE Media Group.

During the summer of 2017, EQ Magazine and website,, were acquired by Longneck & Thunderfoot (L&T), an Arch Grant recipient company who relocated part of their business operation to St. Louis from New York City.

In January 2019, the publication and all related assets were spun out from L&T into a new and independent company, EQSTL, LLC, based in Missouri.

Our story starts now, in the middle… as all the best stories do!


Our vision is a more connected startup ecosystem with thriving entrepreneurs, that attracts and retains talent in St. Louis and facilitates strong deal flow.

Operating as a media outlet, EQ provides a local voice that is intended to assist journalists researching our region and help mediate, moderate and respond to the national and global discussion around St. Louis.


Our mission is to raise the visibility of the St. Louis startup scene through storytelling and platform building.

We believe that promoting stories of innovation in St. Louis will help change the conversation about our city and assist in pushing it forward.

Our stories about startups and entrepreneurship in St. Louis are intended for both local and regional audiences and also aimed at national and global interests too.

We are passionate about sharing the journeys and best practices of startups, entrepreneur support organizations and other individuals and groups in the St. Louis startup ecosystem in an effort to support and grow the movement here in our city.

EQ aims to bring this community of innovators together, both online and offline, by telling intelligent stories that educate and inspire entrepreneurship, at all levels, while championing connections between investors, talent and ecosystem support organizations.

Let’s tell great stories of success and failure, risks and rewards, passion and purpose, together. Whether you reached your destination or not, it’s how you transformed along the way that EQ is most interested in.

We’re here to support innovation and entrepreneurship and act as a catalyst for growth within the St. Louis startup ecosystem by:

  • Raising the visibility of the startup ecosystem by telling thoughtful, informative and inspiring stories of innovation from our region.
  • Fostering connection and information flow between communities of investors, entrepreneurs, job seekers and companies looking to get involved.
  • Serving as a leader in local media by developing new business models, publishing platforms and content forms.
  • Our vision is a more connected startup ecosystem with thriving entrepreneurs, that attracts and retains talent in St. Louis and facilitates strong deal flow.

As a startup ourselves, we’re not here to make the world a better place. We’re here to make our place a better world.

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EQ Cover Stories

We admit it’s been a fair amount of time since we published in print. Nonetheless, we keep the spirit of the magazine alive online by transforming our best articles into cover stories.

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Arch Grants Annual Report – Summer 2018

Halloween Special – Fall 2018

Design Week Special – Fall 2019

Quarterly Seasons

The archives below are a curated collection of the major themes of that season and do not necessarily adhere to strict quarterly date ranges.

EQ Print Magazine

EQ started life as a print magazine and has published four issues to date, focused on telling stories of St. Louis’ tech ecosystem, from profiles on leaders in the space to the deeper storytelling features on issues facing the region.

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