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STL Startup Funding Guide

EQ print issue 2 cover

EQ Print Issue 2: Next Big Thing

Inside Need/Want’s Emerging Product Empire

Capital Ideas: Jerry Katz of Billiken Angels Network

Matt Badler

Capital Ideas: Matt Badler of Twain Financial Partners

Brian Matthews

Capital Ideas: Brian Matthews of Cultivation Capital

John Hamer

Capital Ideas: John Hamer, PhD of Monsanto Growth Ventures

Brian Kinman

Capital Ideas: Brian Kinman of St. Louis Arch Angels

Pete Reinecke

Capital Ideas: Peter Reinecke of Arsenal Capital Management

Capital Ideas: Carter Williams of iSelect Fund

Jay Schmelter

Capital Ideas: Jay Schmelter of RiverVest

Tom Hillman FTL Lewis & Clark

Capital Ideas: Tom Hillman of Lewis & Clark Ventures

Brian Clevinger EQ Prolog

Capital Ideas: Brian Clevinger of Prolog Ventures

From STL to Silicon Valley: Sam Altman

Putting Startups on the Fast Track: Capital Innovators

A River Runs Through It

Cultivation Capital EQ Life Science

Life Sciences in St. Louis: Q/A with Rick Ryan, General Partner of Cultivation Capital

Thatโ€™s Life (Sciences)

Home Is Where The Capital Is

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International Affair

Commentary: Travis Sheridan on St. Louis’ Ecosystem Growing Pains

Spotlight: Crystal Martin on What Entrepreneur Means to Her