Axiom and Smartcar Announce Telemetry Data Partnership

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  • Published on June 17, 2021
  • Last Updated October 3, 2021
  • Edited by EQ

New offering provides automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), insurers, and warranty administrators with a cost-efficient, simplified solution to collect real-time, accurate car data, helping them to more efficiently sell, manage, and service their warranty and maintenance product suite.

Axiom and Smartcar have announced a joint partnership that combines Axiom Connected’s subscription-based connected warranty platform and Smartcar’s leading-edge API technology to retrieve real-time, over-the-air telemetry data from over 70 million automobiles in the United States. The partnership streamlines automotive protection products and vehicle data by combining Axiom Connected’s subscription connected warranty platform with Smartcar’s leading car API technology.

Until now, capturing relevant vehicle data has been expensive, requiring intrusive bolt-on or attached hardware devices, often lacking in quality, ability to provide real-time data, and relevance pertaining to warranty, maintenance, and ancillary coverage products. The partnership addresses this discrepancy by utilizing Smartcar’s car API technology with Axiom Connected’s digital-first connected warranty platforms, allowing clients to directly connect to a vehicle with the customer’s permission.

Once connected, clients can instantly onboard vehicle intelligence, collect accurate car data (such as mileage), helping to better address customer and vehicle needs, and increase loyalty and retention. The integration provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), automotive insurers, and warranty administrators a cost-efficient, simplified solution to receive and utilize precise asset data, helping to analyze and improve warranty earning patterns, predictive loss analytics, marketing efforts, and customer engagement.

“Two years ago, at CES, our management team almost abandoned the idea of finding a device company to provide data tailored for connected vehicle warranty needs,” said Axiom Connected CEO and Founder Michael Reth.

“It was evident that OEMs and technology companies were racing to provide connectivity using other means of shared data. Only after an exhaustive search did we find a partner, Smartcar, pushing the limits to find better pathways to increase the value of each data solution.”

“Working with Smartcar, our combined technology will provide vehicle OEMS, insurers, and Third-Party Administrators (TPA’s) with vehicle assets, smart warranty products, and real-time predictive data to the vehicle warranty sector that, until now, hasn’t had the information needed to deliver a truly premium consumer experience.”

“We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with Axiom Connected,” said Smartcar CEO and Co-Founder Sahas Katta. “Smartcar empowers developers to build the future of mobility, and Axiom Connected perfectly exemplifies this spirit of innovation. Axiom Connected enhances the customer experience of the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle. We’re glad that the Smartcar API is the preferred technology to integrate directly with vehicles.”

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