Native Pet Scoops Up $6 Million

The new Series A funding round led by CAVU Venture Partners comes on the heels of rapid retail expansion, helping fuel innovation and category growth in the pet supplements space.

Native Pet, a pet nutrition company that makes all-natural, highly effective, and limited ingredient pet supplements for dogs, announced today the closing ofΒ $6 millionΒ in Series A funding led by CAVU Venture Partners with participation from Mars’ Companion Fund and Selva Ventures. Launched in 2017, the brand has already met major growth milestones and intends to use this round of capital to continue that strategic growth online and at retail locations, while expanding their innovative portfolio of whole-food pet supplements.

New Pet Food Category

“We are in the early days of the pet supplement category. The majority of consumers are still using mass-produced daily meal regimens (like kibble).”

“Using supplements creates a customized diet unique to their dog” said Dan Schaefer, CEO and Cofounder of Native Pet. “Ask yourself, if humans use supplements to tailor their nutrition, why shouldn’t we also for pets? We actually have more control over our pet’s diet than we do our own.”

“[Consumers] are waking up to the fact that their dogs may have unique nutritional needs that aren’t being met today. Supplements offer a value proposition that kibble alone can’t deliver.”

9 Pet Food Supplements

With its disruptive approach to supplement formulation, Native Pet is creating minimally processed and made with whole-food ingredients, that are efficacious, nutrient-rich and delicious. All nine products in the Native Pet portfolio are created alongside certified veterinary nutritionists and are function-driven to provide dogs with unique benefits based on need.

The brand’s most recent product launch, a collection of air-dried chews, offers pets targeted relief in an easy-to-use, protein-forward bite. These four new products – Calm, Relief, Allergy and Bladder – are a clear continuation of Native Pet’s innovative approach and are truly setting the brand apart in the growing category.

The chews are chicken-based, free of flour and contain no oils or artificial flavoring. Historically, the supplement category has been dominated by the soft chew format, which requires 10+ inactive ingredients to hold the chew together.

This means added starches, oils and fillers that are processed under high pressure – and provide little to no nutritional value. Native Pet’s air-dried formulation process allows for far fewer inactive ingredients, resulting in a product that is more nutritious for your growing pet.

Beyond Kibble

“With the significant rise in pet ownership over the past two years, today’s pet parents are increasingly focused on the health and well-being of their beloved animals,” said Brett Thomas, Cofounder of CAVU Venture Partners.

“Native Pet is answering the call of modern-day pet owners who are looking beyond traditional kibble to enhance their pet’s well-being with highly nutritious and differentiated products. We are thrilled to partner with Dan and Pat as they reimagine pet nutrition to improve the health and happiness of pets everywhere.”