Refurb Planned for Wellston Loop Station

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  • Published on December 6, 2021
  • In News

Wellston Station, a historic remnant of a buzzling streetcar network built in St. Louis by United Railways Co. in 1909 is one of the few remaining buildings from the network.

The station is identified as a symbol of identity in the Wellston Loop and a significant reminder of the old streetcar infrastructure. The Wellston area was known to be the “shopping mecca of the region in the mid-20th century and, at the end of the line where anyone would get off the streetcar network, Wellston Station captured the hearts of the townsfolk.

The St. Louis Land Re-utilization Authority had owned the building since 2006 until a buyer was found. Recently, the nonprofit Audubon Associates and Friendly Temple Church invested in the Wellston Station with a plan to preserve the building’s historic features whilst modernizing the building with a ground floor restaurant and conference rooms in the upper floor.

A vintage car retrofitted for dining is planned to be added for a different experience. Additionally a playground and green space are planned for the neighboring lot.

Check out the full story by Jacob Barker on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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