STL Fashion Manufacturer Teams up with Silicon Valley Tech Startup

Technology partnership creates supply chain transparency and efficiency.

St. Louis based, global apparel design and manufacturing company, Stars Design Group, is partnering with Silicon Valley tech startup, Silq to improve transparency and visibility in the global supply chain.

Silq recently made headlines for its $17.6 million Series A fundraise, co-led by F-Prime Capital and Flexport Ventures. The proprietary platform is the first to connect all stakeholders in the supply chain, providing up to date details on production through proprietary software.

In a press release submitted to EQ, Stars Design Group explained they are well positioned to assist in the development of innovative new technologies, as nearly a decade ago, the fashion manufacturing company already adopted digital design workflows that better integrate into new innovations. Only 17% of the industry uses such solutions. โ€จ

Stars Design Group CEO, Bret Schnitker, said the companies’ visions align, โ€œSilq embodies the same values as Stars Design Group, combining talent with technology and connecting the world. We are so happy to partner with them to develop this innovative solution to improve the fashion industry.โ€

Silqโ€™s system is a people based solution paired with technology. Experts on factory floors monitor manufacturing activities, advance production and gather data for Silqโ€™s platform, all of which, provides accurate updates to clients, suppliers, and freight companies for supply chain transparency.โ€จ

โ€œSilqโ€™s boots on the ground teams in Asia fortifies a brands relationship with their factories and achieve guaranteed landed cost outcomes,” said Silq CEO & Founder, Ram Radhakrishnan. “This partnership with Stars Design Group brings their decades of experience in helping us understand how the best in the industry operate.โ€

Currently Silq operates in factories located in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and India. Stars Design Group team members at the companyโ€™s two India offices are also providing valuable assistance to develop the platform from inside the factories.

You can learn more about what the two companies are doing in this podcast: