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The Bourbon Friday Show with Lisa Kuntz from Startup Grind

On this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we had the opportunity to talk with Lisa Kuntz, Co-Director for the St. Louis chapter of Startup Grind.

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

For a burgeoning startup scene like St. Louis, sometimes it’s necessary for the city’s entrepreneurs to take a step back and connect with others in the same ecosystem. While being able to take a break, glean advice, or get a new perspective is critical for people of all industries—it’s especially true for entrepreneurs so we can make our community thrive.

Lisa Kuntz, who is also the Founder and Creative Director of müv, knows what it’s like to be a founder, and works with other founders on a daily basis. Which is why when she attended a Startup Grind conference in San Francisco back in February, she was inspired to bring that awesome community and event to St. Louis.

To her surprise, she found out that Christian Johnson, Founder of MultiPass, had already relaunched the St. Louis Startup Grind chapter.

“The values for Startup Grind are one of the reasons why I wanted to be involved in the first place,” says Kuntz. “It’s all about making friends, giving first, and helping others—those are things that really resonate with me.”

The Startup Grind community meets up once a month around St. Louis for an event where entrepreneurs can connect, sit in on a fireside chat with an inspirational member of the startup community, and participate in the recently launched quick-fire pitch competition.
If you want to know more about the St. Louis Startup Grind chapter or see when the next event is, you can go to or check out the St. Louis Startup Grind Facebook page.

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This week the drink of choice is Wild Turkey’s Longbranch. This bourbon was made in part by actor Matthew McConaughey who was asked to be the focus of a campaign for Wild Turkey. But ended up becoming a Creative Director for the brand instead, after requesting a more active role.

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