10 Reasons to Attend GlobalHack VI

By Matt Menietti and the GlobalHack Team

As a developer or someone who’s interested in technology, you may have been invited to hackathon without fully understanding what it’s all about. We put together a list of the top ten reasons you (yes, YOU) should attend GlobalHack VI this October.

Asa developer or someone who’s interested in technology, you may have been invited to hackathon without fully understanding what it’s all about. We put together a list of the top ten reasons you (yes, YOU) should attend GlobalHack VI this October.

There’s a million dollars on the line.

Need we say more? Only two other hackathons in history have given away that much cash at one event. Pretty neat, right? Within each team division (Youth, College, and Pro), 1st through 5th prizes are up for grabs for the top five teams. An additional $150,000 will be given to the top performing team overall.

It’s a problem worth solving.

Homelessness is a global problem begging for a solution. And while there are many factors that contribute to homelessness — poverty, education, race, and mental health — we know that without better-coordinated services for homeless citizens, it’s difficult for us to make a difference. GlobalHack VI will work to solve this issue, by challenging teams to create software that helps agencies like theSt. Patrick Center and other service providers better answer the question — how can we do more with less?

It’s affordable.

Outside of any travel costs, the ticket prices to attend the event are pretty low. For less than $60 (if you purchase them in advance), you’re getting five full meals, company and sponsor swag, and commemorative GlobalHack VI t-shirt. That’s not including the fantastic experience you’ll have at the hackathon! 

It’s in a &*$!#@% arena.

Sure, you’ve probably been to a hackathon in a co-working space or similar venue, but have you ever built software in a sports arena? Hacking in an arena like Chaifetz will be a completely new and fun experience for even our most experienced participants.

You’ll meet awesome people.

Hackathons are great events to make new friends or business connections. Some of our prior participants have intentionally shown up without a pre-formed team so they’re all but guaranteed to meet new people.

We have amazing sponsors.

Groundbreaking events like GlobalHack aren’t possible with the generous support of our sponsors. Interested in a career move or for a job post-graduation? Be sure to check out the company sponsor booths before or during the event. Sponsor tables will be set up as soon as check-in begins at noon on Friday, October 21.

You’re gaining real-world experience

For any job related to software development, competing in a hackathon is a fantastic way to get some real-world experience on your resume or portfolio. Not only are you working on building actual software (not just a PowerPoint) but you’re delivering it to a real-world customer.

You’ll push yourself.

Working on team in an intense environment like GlobalHack can be an incredibly valuable learning experience. Outside of the hard skills you’ll develop or sharpen over the weekend, you’ll also learn critical project management, communication, and time management skills. The clock is ticking!

You’ll expand your horizons.

Outside of hacking, this year we’ll have a few workshops for attendees to check out on Friday/Sunday. You can get more connected to the tech community and learn more about the agencies in St. Louis currently working to end homelessness.

You get to showcase your skills.

By participating in hackathons like GlobalHack VI, you’ll have a chance to see how your skills measure up to your peers. You’ll get to see what other teams have built during our Project Expo on Sunday morning, October 23.

About GlobalHack VI
GlobalHack VI will bring together software developers, designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs from around the world to solve a single, massive civic technology problem surrounding homelessness. Hundreds of participants from youth, collegiate, and professional divisions will work in teams to solve this problem by building software solutions over the course of an entire weekend. A total of $1 million in cash prizes will be awarded to the top teams, including $250,000 in follow-on funds that will be used to take the most promising prototypes generated at the event to market.

GlobalHack VI will be held October 21–23, 2016 at Chaifetz Arena on the campus of Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information and to register, visit bit.ly/globalhack6

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