Always Leaving a Lasting Impression

This article by Ivan Temelkov was originally posted on Medium.

No matter what you do in business, lasting impressions are always a major win. People are simply immune to lasting impressions. You will be remembered and recognized by others. Now this could be a double-edged sword situation though. All depends upon your outlook on each situation.

When I was younger there wasn’t a significant concern with leaving a lasting impression. I always did my best though regardless of any situation. As my career continued to evolve though I quickly arrived at the conclusion that relying on luck simply wasn’t enough.

Lasting impressions will spark remembrance and appreciation. They are a timeless element that never gets fades.

Several years ago back I formed an unintentional habit of stopping by making frequent stops at a local gas station. They have everything there, literally. From coffee to snacks to basic grocery. As of recently a gourmet kitchen with freshly made food. All the more of a reason to make more occasional stops. Every morning and sometime during the day I would stop for a quick drink fill-up or a snack.

After quite a few sporadic trips I intermittently started convos with a gentleman by the name of Brian. During each random trip I would make there, him and I would engage in quick chatter. It was a mixture of both business and personal matter. Somehow neither him or I felt restricted in sharing our thoughts. Call it spur of the moment or maybe even spontaneity.

It has been several years since I have been constantly frequenting this gas station. Even to this day though Brian remembers who I am. In recent stops to he even made several references from previous conversations me and him encountered. What seems to be so intriguing is that his short term memory has such recollection. Especially after so many years that I have been frequenting this gas station.

  • Leaving a lasting impression on people in business is a golden ticket to success.
  • People will remember you for the thoughts and ideas you share.
  • People will value your insight and the emotional impact you leave upon them.

Last but not least, a positive impression is always considered professional courtesy. Regardless of the situation.

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