“Dimensions” an Interactive Geolocation Mobile Game Seeks to Move St. Louis Forward and Foster Community Engagement

Entrepreneur Julian Keaton aims to foster community engagement and move St. Louis forward through a new interactive geolocation mobile game, “Dimensions”.

Inspired by Pokémon Go in 2016 when he moved to St. Louis, Keaton designed this game to introduce college students and transplants to new cities and foster community engagement with longer-term residents.

The mobile game has not been launched yet but interested players can sign up to learn about the public beta launch on the Dimensions website.

Check out the full story by Liz Miller on theSTL.

  1. November 16, 2021

    We the news that Niantic have just released another AR game with Nintendo, this time around walking and Pikmin, I thought this story deserved a re-post.

    SeekDimensions is really ambitious in vision and scope but STL does have the VR/AR chops to make it happen, and with all the hype around the MetaVerse, Julian’s concept is actually ageing well.

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