Immunophotonics is developing an in situ therapeutic cancer vaccine (that we call inCVAX) for solid tumor cancers. Specifically, inCVAX is an in vivo approach that is may activate antigen-presenting cells (APC), such as dendritic cells (DC), and subsequently exposes them to tumor antigens in situ, which is intended to induce a tumor-specific T-cell response.

inCVAX achieves this by (1) local treatment of any one tumor with a laser to liberate tumor antigens, and (2) local injection of the proprietary nontoxic immunoadjuvant to potentially activate APC and induce a systemic antitumor response. inCVAX is thus an in situ autologous cancer vaccine that uses whole tumor cells as the sources of tumor antigens from each individual patient without ex vivo preparation or pre-selection of tumor antigens.

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