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New Friends of Arch Grants Program Announced

Arch Grants creates easy ways to make a big impact with St. Louis startups.

For the past 18 months, Dave Finklang’s inbox and voicemail have been full. Most are friends and colleagues that have heard he is involved with Arch Grants. And, after a five-year track record of successfully funding startups and being an anchor in the burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, Finklang has been overwhelmed with requests—more and more people want to get involved.

For Love of St. Louis
Arch Grants Executive Director Ginger Imster addresses the audience at the Arch Grants Summer 2015 Cohort announcement.

“As the ecosystem has gained momentum, more emerging professionals have looked for ways to get involved,” says Finklang, President of the Friends of Arch Grants and Manager at Anders CPA. “So we have spent the past year creating new levels of commitment with the Friends of Arch Grants program—it’s an easy way for an interested person to make a quick, meaningful impact on the startup community without breaking the bank.”

The new levels within the Friends of Arch Grants program start at $45 per year for the introductory level and go up to $1200 per year at the platinum level. With each level of benefit, there are increasing perks including tickets to Arch Grants events, networking invites, recognition in publications and the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with Arch Grants winners.

“Our new levels of benefit for the Friends of Arch Grants allow for people to be committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially,” says Finklang. “More people are realizing the important role that a healthy startup community plays in St. Louis.”

One way to get started as a Friend of Arch Grants is attending the For the Love of St. Louis event on February 17 at Majorette. The evening will include special guests Brett Hull and Chris Zimmerman from the St. Louis Blues, games, food and, most importantly, the unveiling of the new Friends of Arch Grants program. With the purchase of a single ticket for $45, you earn the Introductory level of the Friends of Arch Grants. Tickets are still available here.

As a part of the changes with Friends of Arch Grants, a new volunteer program, Arch Grants Ambassadors, has been announced including engagements for Ambassadors like rides to the airport, event support and even office administration.

If you’re interested in becoming an Arch Grants Ambassador, email Kate Howell at [email protected]

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