InternSTL Launches to Pair Internship-Seekers with Local Opportunities

Internship-seekers, meet your new best friend.

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Internship-hunting season for college students and grads is in full swing, and flustered and flurried young minds are on the hunt for their dream positions. What’s been missing for many years, however, is a comprehensive resource to find themβ€”that is, until Atomicdust’s creative director launched InternSTL.

Mike Spakowski’s website makes the task of searching for creative internships easier and focuses on attracting and keeping creativity within St. Louis. β€œSt. Louis’s creative scene is vibrant and growing,” Spakowski says. “If we can help young people discover that for themselves, we can make sure that trend continues.”

InternSTL is striving to make the stressful time of searching for internships simpler by providing information that’s critical to making a decision. The website breaks down the companies into an alphabetical list and also provides clear information about dates, college credits, how to apply, basic facts about the company and compensation.

β€œIt’s just so much simpler,”Β Spakowski says. “There’s no clutter, no confusion. I think there’s something refreshing about that.”

In the future, Spakowski is looking to expand into disciplines such as landscape architecture and fashion design. β€œIn St. Louis, design isn’t just something to look atβ€”it’s changing the city,” he says.

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