New Book Spotlights the Success Mindset of Nine Female Business Leaders in St. Louis

Erin Joy, Founder and CEO of Black Dress Circle, a business consulting and coaching organization that supports emerging and evolving women business owners, has announced the release of a new book, entitled The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results.

The book includes a compilation of stories and advice written by a variety of leading female entrepreneurs and executives from around the country.

With insight from experts in multiple industries, the book addresses how to achieve success in a crowded and competitive marketplace. A book launch party will take place on March 6, two days before International Women’s Day, at the Piper Palm House in St. Louis from 6-8pm.

“I am thrilled to have brought such a diverse group of women together to tell these stories which will have an impact on so many entrepreneurs and executives,” says Erin Joy. “This is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their business, team, or department to the next level with improved operations, marketing, mindsets, efficiencies, and more.”

Black Dress Circle specializes in creating and facilitating roundtables of female entrepreneurs and executives. An accomplished advisor and coach, Joy’s roundtables have helped guide and support countless women as they address the specific challenges and opportunities that come with owning and leading companies and teams.

Erin Joy hosting a book sales booth at the Ritz Carlton.

What’s in the Book?

The book takes the roundtables’ topics and tells them from the perspective of leaders across the globe. Authors include business executives and CEOs, career coaches, accountants, and more.

Award-winning coach and author of Quiet Mind Epic Life, Matthew Ferry said, “there are so many gems in this book. These 19 interesting and unique female entrepreneurs offer us sage advice that I wish I had at the beginning of my own journey. That said, each of their stories has inspired me to become a better version of myself today.”

Meet the Local Authors

At our request, Erin Joy provided EQ with a quick preview of some of the chapters which specifically include female leadership voices from St. Louis:

“Networking is a necessity in today’s day and age and it can be hard because of all of the pressure we put on ourselves. If you hear the word “networking” and it makes you want to run in the other direction, I get it and have some tips that helped me on many occasions and will help you!”
Gabriela Ramirez-Arellano, Owner, Don Emiliano’s Restaurante Mexicano

“Where I once felt pressured to keep the real estate business separate from who I really was, I now proudly portray my “woo-woo” self wherever I go — and the business follows. There are 1,440 minutes each day, and I get to choose how many I will spend happy. I am happiest when I honor my multi-faceted authentic self, vibrationally attracting the perfect people, and creating real connections.”
Lisa Frumhoff, Realtor/Advisor/Negotiator, Lisa Frumhoff Real Estate powered by Red Key Realty Leaders

“When you take risks, you fail, and by embracing failure in your life and business you will be successful.”
Debi Corrie, Partner, B2B CFO, learned the hard way that failure is not about being right or wrong. “It’s about being willing to move out of your comfort zone and take risks.”

“Learn to use your emotions in a way that helps you build your business while becoming more productive, profitable and personally fulfilled.” Roberta Moore, President & CEO, EQI Coach went from having an average EQ to top scores by honing three specific emotional intelligence skills that she shares in the book.

“Courage means so many things to so many people.” Andrea Arco, Founder & CEO, Arco + Associates defines what it means to her as an entrepreneur and gives readers six sentiments for sustainable success in an ever-changing economy and marketplace.

Kate Ewing, Owner & Founder, Brick City Yoga, shares a unique behind the scenes glimpse into the unexpected challenges that come with balancing a career and a growing business.

Cheryl Summers, Principal & Partner, Leverage Cable Consulting, shares her own journey to business ownership and outlines four timeless tactics to remain relevant in a rapidly changing industry. Cheryl’s path has been within the telecommunications industry, an industry that has experienced dramatic change over the last twenty years. She lets the reader in on what secrets to success have stood the test of time.

Alyce Herndon, Founder & CEO, Onyx Business Solutions talks with women entrepreneurs about discovering their passion and strategies to align their vision, knowledge, experience and set goals to their path to purpose.

Jackie Hoyt, President, Hillsboro Title Company describes the lessons and support that was given to her by trusted friends and advisors. Through their support of those around her, she shares her story about being able to stabilize and grow a troubled business, thereby creating a new and better phase in her work and personal life.

The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results will be available to order on and everywhere books are sold beginning March 9, 2020.

The book launch party on Friday, March 6 is open to the public from 6:30pm and includes a signed copy of the book, light bites and beverages, and networking with the authors. A panel discussion with authors. Tickets are $19.