The Best Tweets From That Day When St. Louis Brought the Stanley Cup Home

Go Blues! Drawing gigantic crowds for the Stanley Cup Finals, the city's Twitter's game was strong too.

I’m not sporty, I write about business and I’m from London, UK, which combined together means I’m completely mal-coordinated and can’t even make an office high-five connect properly. It’s so awkward when I miss that my work colleagues actually ask for a “British High-Five” to make me feel better.

Following along on social media is the closest I get to a pitch that isn’t about startups. But the city’s Twitter game was so strong last night, I thought it would be worth collating some of the best to mark this special occasion.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues! Last night’s result was EPIC. You made your hometown proud.

The tweet below summed up the feeling up best.

The SOCIAL MEDIA NERD is Strong In This One

Personally, I can’t help feeling that people that use the hashtag #NewProfilePic are fundamentally confused as to what platform they’re on. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t notify your follower when you change your profile picture and this hashtag is some kind of weird crowdsourced work around that nobody asked for.

So, EQ sends a massive hat-tip and “I see what you did there” to the social media genius behind this tweet. It’s possibly the most meta of meta social media jokes. I can only imagine you were laughing maniacally when you posted it.

Office Politics

This meta-game was awesome too.

Is There Anyone Out There That Didn’t Eat This Yesterday?

This Goalkeeper

It is called a goal, right? I know Hockey involves pucks, but not the kind you find in Shakespeare.

That F-Bomb

Apparently you can’t do this on live TV ????

Was This a Sign? Erm… Not Sure

This Man Who Quantum Leaped Into The Stadium to Put 52 Years Right

OMG, Scott Bakula is from St. Louis?? DEFINITELY A SIGN.

This New Kid on the Block is a Good Sport

Fair’s fair.

This Guy Putting Naseem Taleb’s Investing Principles Into Action

Naseem Taleb, author of the books, Fooled By Randomness, Black Swan and Anti-Fragile contradicts traditional investing advice. He recommends placing many small bets on extremely unlikely outcomes, rather than placing big bets on sure things.

I’m not saying that the Blues wining was extremely unlikely… but looking at this payout it sounds like the odds weren’t in their favor. This man’s a genius.


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