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3 Tips For STL Grads Looking For Their Dream Job From Better Weekdays CEO Chris Motley

Here are a few tips from Better Weekdays CEO Chris Motley that can make identifying it a lot easier.

As summer winds down and brings a return for students and an end to internships, it’s easy to stop thinking about work. But for those hoping to find a job they love, here are a few tips from Better Weekdays CEO Chris Motley that can make identifying it a lot easier.

1. Know thyself.

It is important to take inventory on what motivates you, what you enjoy doing the most and why. What are your values/aspirations?

With so many jobs/companies out there, it is more efficient to understand yourself first before you try and understand the companies out there and the jobs available within them. The benefit of self-awareness is that it allows one to quickly filter out the garbage and only focus on what connects to the attributes that make you unique.

2. Recognize that being likable is more important than being knowledgeable.

When you have the opportunity to speak to folks in an informational interview or a networking event, treat them as if they are the expert by asking questions. They will be flattered and you will get valuable information.

An example would be “What trends are impacting your industry the most?” or “What was the best advice you received as you developed as a [fill in the blank role]?”

Once they are communicating with you, ask if there is another person they recommend you connect with or other resources to point you to in order to learn more about what it’s like working at company X or job Y. The best evidence of this being effective is that most people get jobs from referrals, and people only refer people they like and trust.

3. Be relentless about a follow-up and updates.

I’ve learned that if someone likes you, and you keep them updated with what you are doing, they will act on your behalf to ensure you are aware of opportunities that they hear about. So keep those in your circle updated on what you’re doing.

Chris Motley

Chris Motley is CEO and Founder of Better Weekdays, which he founded in Chicago in 2011. Better Weekdays engages with career centers to build a set of applications that serves colleges by preparing students for the job search and providing access to the most compatible employers.

In 2014, Better Weekdays was one of five startups accepted into Capital Innovators, ranked one of the top 10 accelerators in the country. In 2015, Better Weekdays received an Arch Grant, and as part of the program, the company moved its operations from Chicago to St. Louis, where they office in T-REX. Chris Motley is also a 2015 Pipeline Fellow.

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