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Appistry Launches Managed Services for Clinical Laboratories

The new managed services will help clinical laboratories establish and expand next-generation sequencing based testing capabilities.

Appistry, a leading provider of solutions that simplify the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, announced today a new Managed Services offering to help clinical laboratories accelerate the process with establishing and expanding NGS-based testing.

Appistry’s Managed Services aims to accelerate and enable the analysis of NGS data by managing the set-up and execution of a complete analytics environment from sequencer through data analysis and data management.

“In speaking with clinical lab directors, we found they all face similar challenges in launching or expanding their NGS-based testing capabilities,” said Appistry CEO Kevin Haar. “The requirements of assembling a bioinformatics staff, configuring an IT infrastructure, and achieving regulatory compliance, result in a high overhead cost, long development process, and substantial delays in the lab’s ability to offer new or improved NGS-based tests. Appistry’s Managed Services reduce the resources, time and cost required by leveraging our deep expertise in bioinformatics, clinical informatics, high-performance computing, and data integration. What could typically take a laboratory months to build, Appistry can deliver in a few days or weeks enabling a lab to offer NGS-based testing quickly and cost-effectively.”

The new Managed Services offering complements Appistry’s software solution for NGS analysis, GenomePilot™, delivering an additional value add for laboratories that don’t have the in-house expertise or infrastructure. This comprehensive service can handle the bioinformatics development and set-up of a lab’s NGS testing, the implementation of a robust IT infrastructure, the build out of compliance tracking, and the deployment and integration with a lab’s internal systems.

Appistry will exhibit their solutions for NGS analysis at the Festival of Genomics in Boston June 27-29  and in the Microsoft Azure Live Data Lab on June 28.

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