Capital Innovators Announces Spring 2022 Cohort

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  • Published on March 9, 2022
  • In News

St. Louis Startup Accelerator Capital Innovators announced their spring 2022 cohort. Each startup receives $50,000 in seed funding from Capital Innovators’ third seed venture capital fund in addition to hands-on mentorship through its rigorous 12-week program.

Photo (left to right): Marvin Francois (OneKin), Andrew Sarda (Campfare), Dana Lorberg (Mentor), Joan Kelly (Mentor), Jim Cornbleet (Mentor)

“This Capital Innovators cohort brings together strong founders creating empowering and impactful solutions,” said Judy Sindecuse, CEO of Capital Innovators, “We are proud to accept two companies local to the city into the program, but also excited to showcase the St. Louis startup ecosystem to the other four founders from across the world.”


Campfare, founded by Andrew Sarda from Mill Valley (CA), offers a line of fully hydrated and ready to eat camping meals which are chef crafted, clean label and feature a long shelf life. The meals are prepared by heating the pouch directly in boiling water for 2 minutes. Chef crafted recipes with fine ingredients and gourmet flavors really make these meals stand out. Campfare is powering adventures and helping with disaster preparedness needs. 

KADRI Clothing

KADRI Clothing, founded by Katheryn Basso from Wells (NV), is a female veteran-owned clothing company whose core mission is to support the trailblazing women in the adventure-tactical communities. All our products are designed to meet the functional requirements of the professional user while maintaining proper fit for women’s diverse shapes and sizes. We aim to fill the current void in female tactical apparel and equipment.


oneKIN, founded by Marvin Francois from St. Louis (MO), is a mission-driven, retail-tech company singularly focused on providing small businesses with creative technology solutions to help them increase their visibility and grow sustainably.


Retrievables, founded by Jeremy Crane from New York (NY), is a technology marketplace in which businesses holding delinquent accounts receivable post information on their invoices that need to be collected upon.  The information is then shared with collections attorneys who are able to make contingency fee offers on the servicing of the debt.  Retrievables’ platform creates a scenario where businesses are introduced to the best method of collections and gain the most suitable attorneys to collect on their behalf.  The process of connecting the two parties is quicker and more efficient than traditional methods.

Sobi Analytics

Sobi Analytics, founded by Brenda Jordan from Ireland, provides a financial planning and analytics solution for the CFO with multiple clients. Their AI powered platform enables them to access and analyze their clients in one location, in real time, so that they can make critical business decisions based on the cross-business visibility now available to them.


WellnessWins, founded by Berit Elizabeth from St. Louis (MO), is a CRM for therapists who own a private group practice employing two or more therapists at their office or wellness center. Because we believe mental health should be as prioritized and promoted as much as physical health, WellnessWins is designed around the unique customer journey of individual clients seeking mental health support. While remaining HIPPA compliant and sensitive to the client relationship, WellnessWins streamlines choppy prospecting and intake processes and provides valuable reporting insights. We enable the practice to scale by reaching more clients, reducing time on waitlists, increasing revenue, and determining which types of therapists to hire next.

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