Capital Innovators Welcomes Fall 2018 Class to St. Louis

One of the top-ranked accelerators in the world, Capital Innovators, announces Fall 2018 cohort.

St. Louis-based startup accelerator Capital Innovators has announced its Fall 2018 class – the 16th group to go through their 12-week accelerator program. Six startups join the local accelerator’s portfolio of over 100 companies.

β€œWe’re excited about the diversity and the global reach we saw with our applicants, and ultimately, our selected companies. We accepted one local startup, three from outside the state and two from outside the country.”

“The companies are thrilled about how robust our entrepreneurial ecosystem is in St. Louis and we’re ready to leverage our unique program, worldwide network and the local community to help them scale to the next level.” said Brian Dixon, COO of Capital Innovators.

The 6 startups entering the Fall 2018 Capital Innovators cohort are:


(St. Louis, MO)
CheckTheQ tracks lines as they form. It helps venues, like airports and stadiums, communicate data to their customers and staff to improve operations and boost revenue.


(New York City, NY)
Gluetech is pioneering machine learning and blockchain technology applications for regulatory compliance and evidence generation.

Keen Bean Organics

(Los Angeles, CA)
Keen Bean Organics makes real baby food. It has developed one of the world’s most nutritious baby foods by using cold pressure instead of heat, a process that allows us to retain essential vitamins, enzymes, and other important nutrients. Keen Bean Organics is made with probiotics and nutrient-dense superfoods like avocado, dragon fruit, and blueberries.


(Paris, France)
NappyMe is a digital hair salon dedicated to African American women. It provides hairstyles and beauty products to a community of thousands of users through our network quality hairstylists.


(Tel Aviv, Israel)
NARYA Security allows enterprises to solve ransomware attacks in minutes, with a single click.

Tame the Beast

(Nashville, TN)
Tame the Beast creates men’s grooming products with arousing scents and stimulating ingredients. Where a man’s grooming routine does not have to be a routine.