Cap Innovators Spring 2017 Class

Capital Innovators Announces Its Spring 2017 Accelerator Class

Capital Innovators Spring class includes companies serving industries in Fitness Technology, Sports Technology, EdTech, Crowdfunding, and Consumer Packaged Goods. See who joined the program.

Capital Innovators has announced its next investment in six companies, who will make up the accelerator’s Spring 2017 cohort. The companies join 70 other companies in Capital Innovators’ portfolio.

Cap Innovators Spring 2017 Class
The Capital Innovators Spring 2017 Class

“We broke the record for the number of applications we received for this Spring’s program,” says Brian Dixon, COO, Capital Innovators. “Over 350 companies applied from 50+ countries and 35 states.”

“Fifty percent of the companies selected are from outside of the St. Louis area, with one being international. We view this as a positive sign that our brand recognition is spreading, bringing with it the opportunity to find the best startups from around the world and show them the benefits our program and region provides.”

Capital Innovators Spring class includes companies serving industries in Fitness Technology, Sports Technology, EdTech, Crowdfunding, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Here are the startups in Capital Innovators’ Spring 2017 cohort:


(Washington, D.C.)
RowVigor’s purpose is to bring the fitness benefits of rowing to everyone. RowVigor provides accessible rowing based fitness content infused with data, community and competition. It facilitates community and fitness success through its web-based platform and mobile application.

(Israel / Philadelphia, PA)
Pico.Buzz‘s platform allows live event hosts to enhance their fans’ experience by engaging fans as a community, monetizing digital assets, helping understand fan behavior and converting them into profitable leads. All these features are wrapped in a cloud-based platform and are being used in live events in Israel, Europe and the US.

Rozzy Learning Co.

(St. Louis, MO)
Rozzy Learning Company‘s mission is to introduce young children to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) careers, preparing them for the 21st-century workforce. Rozzy accomplishes this by creating STEAM  products, trainings, and resources for children in PreK-5th grade and their teachers.  All of of Rozzy’s products are based in hands-on, experiential learning that encourages kids to tinker, create, and explore.


(St. Louis, MO)
MathBRIX produces a groundbreaking conceptual/visual math platform tailored specifically for early math learners; ages 4-8. The company seeks to address an acute public need for better early learning interventions in mathematics and to generally capitalize on surging interest both in schools and among parents for game-based approaches to learning.


(Chicago, IL)
Collaborata brings the sharing economy to marketing-research, connecting research clients to shape projects while sharing the results and the costs. Collaborata showcases the timeliest research projects executed by the industry’s smartest experts.

Like Kickstarter, each project on Collaborata has a funding goal and timeline. At any time, there are projects in funding mode, while others are fully funded and immediately deliverable.

Soozie’s Doozies

(St. Louis, MO)
Soozie’s Doozies is committed to delivering consumers an All Natural & Non-GMO refrigerated cookie dough, with superior quality, in a more convenient package through retail grocery stores nationally. Its product is in 1,000+ grocery stores across the US within 12 short months of launch.

The founders are veterans in the food industry that have created the first pre-cut, refrigerated cookie dough in a stand up pouch with a window that is patent pending. Soozie’s Doozie’s has also completed the Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator for women-led companies.