150 Episodes of Dreaming Big, Having Grit, and Identifying Opportunities

On the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast, we recently interviewed Jessica Hitchcock, former arts administrator now owner of Jessica Hitchcock, LLC about her two passions: business and art. Like many we hear, her story has its detours and side chapters.

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For Hitchcock it includes following her mom’s entrepreneurial example after a successful career in nonprofit management and finance. Some might say, she is the epitome of right and left brain thinking – living at the intersection of creativity and business savvy. She is as comfortable crunching numbers as she is mixing paints.

In addition to creating bright, bold canvases, Hitchcock is deeply committed to helping others tap into their entrepreneurial spirit so they too can build strong businesses that allow them to live their best lives. As she tells it, the short version of the story is that in 2015 she started painting professionally while working full-time.

She transitioned to running her business full-time in February 2019 – after saving money, growing her portfolio and researching what it would take – and she’s has never looked back. Today, her originals can be found, among other places, in private collections in six countries, on wine labels and tea towels, in galleries, at retail locations and at special events near and far.

Our conversation touched on what it meant to make the transition to full-time working artist, how she has leverages social media as a key component of her business, how she builds relationships and the importance of keeping her “head on a swivel” – always looking for the next opportunity.

Celebrating 150 Episodes

Hitchcock’s personal reflections speak to the aspiring entrepreneur in all of us and echo many of the themes we have explored over 150 episodes of the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast.

The Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast celebrates its 150th episode on November 27th 2019.

Guests such as Charli Cooksey of WePower and Keisha Mabry of heyFRIEND! have also shared the methods they used to evaluate their business options and identify opportunities to create change.

Never underestimate the power of a good plan catalyzed by passion and accelerated by hard work to enable you to live the life you are meant to live. Our guests are living proof!

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