Lewis & Clark Ventures Leads $3.8M Series A for “Medical Ridesharing” Platform

New technology platform streamlines medical-transportation process, improves community access to healthcare

Lewis & Clark Ventures announced its investment in Kaizen Health, Inc., a healthcare-logistics and NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) technology platform. The Chicago-based company is led by founder and CEO Mindi Knebel. Kaizen Health works with healthcare systems, healthcare providers and senior living communities to streamline medical transportation for discharges, recurring appointments (e.g., dialysis, cancer treatment, physical therapy) and clinical trials.

Lewis & Clark Ventures led Kaizen’s $3.8 million Series A. Co-investors in this round include MTM Inc., Ekistic, Hyde Park Angels, Acumen, and Impact Engine. Kaizen Health has a national partnership with Lyft and now with MTM Inc., a St. Louis-based NEMT leader with a nationwide network of more than 1,250 credentialed medical transportation providers.

β€œWe are excited to lead Kaizen’s Series A as we see incredible potential in improving health outcomes and patient experience by removing the barrier of transportation from healthcare,” said Lewis & Clark Ventures Principal, Helen Ciesielski.

Helen Ciesielski and Alaina Macia, CEO of MTM, will join Mindi Knebel on Kaizen’s board.

β€œInvestments from the St. Louis community are an integral part of Kaizen Health’s success and growth,” said Kaizen founder and CEO Mindi Knebel. β€œFunds like Lewis & Clark Ventures are allowing Kaizen to scale quickly and intelligently, and to serve more patients and providers in the process.”

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