SLU’s New Director of Entrepreneurship on Making Good Mistakes

Director of Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University, Lewis Sheats his journey of entrepreneurship, the growth of Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship, SLUStart, Be Heard: Women in Leadership Conference, the value of building relationships. Lewis, a new resident to St. Louis, talks about some newly-discovered favorite parts of the city, his hunt for wings and pizza, Short Walk Wines, and an example of kindness he's experienced!

In this episode of the MichMash podcast, Lewis Sheats, the Director of Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University speaks about his journey and entrepreneurship and discusses business strategy to become a successful entrepreneur. He discusses the insides of entrepreneurship, how to be a successful entrepreneur and his most recent venture —a wine shop— which he is passionate about.

Relationships Are Key

Building connections and relationships in raising money is the high point of discussion because, as Mich agrees, relationship building is important anywhere. To agree on an investment, knowing the right people has been crucial, argues Sheats.

Making Mistakes

“We make mistakes and we change our perspectives when we learn from our mistakes,” says Sheats. If you’re interested in understanding how many opportunities are available to students in entrepreneurship at St. Louis University, this episode is a must listen as the coursework and available opportunities are also discussed at length.

Takeaways from the Podcast

Here were EQ’s biggest takeaways from the discussion. Give the episode a listen and tell us what you learned in the comments!

  • Making mistakes leads to success in entrepreneurship because lessons are learnt through mistakes
  • To pitch for investments, building relationships is crucial
  • How far kindness can go in life