Readout Health Produces New Medical Device to Easily Track Nutritional Ketosis

BioGenerator-backed company is first to manufacture digital health device in St. Louis.

Emerging from stealth, Readout Health has launched its Class 1 medical device BIOSENSE. Manufactured in St. Louis, the device is the first highly-accurate and IP-protected nutritional ketosis device, empowering people to personalize and map their health journey through simple breath samples multiple times a day.

Metabolisms are unique and vary based on age, gender and other key individual factors. A highly accurate, easy-to-use solution that allows for frequent testing to record the metabolic journey is needed to fully understand someone’s metabolic reaction to food and keep one’s body in nutritional ketosis.

BIOSENSE was created with today’s health enthusiasts in mind and to seamlessly fit into their daily routines. The device provides high-resolution ketone data and nutritional ketosis feedback to users directly on a pocket-sized device that people can use and allows them to track and personalize their ketosis journey in the mobile app. This breath technology also replaces the need for multiple blood draws every day.

“With weight or performance-focused consumers and chronic disease patients becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of nutritional ketosis, the market is demanding a tool to enable them to track their personalized metabolic journey all day rather than once-per day,” said Jim Howard, CEO of Readout Health. “BIOSENSETM is the first device with clinically-proven accuracy with this ease-of-use, allowing people to better understand their metabolism, while making keto and carb-restricted diets more personalized and, therefore, more actionable and maintainable.”


  • Proven accuracy with Deep-lung Sampling IP technology: The accuracy of the BIOSENSETM device is based on its IP-protected deep-lung sampling technology. It ensures highly repeatable sampling of only the last 5% of exhalation to ensure it analyzes the most precise, concentrated level of breath acetone to represent nutritional ketosis in a 40-scale measurement.
  • Simple and seamless experience: A unique Ketone Score, which only the BIOSENSETM device provides, appears directly on the device for instant insight at the point of sampling. The device also stores up to 100 readings without connecting to the mobile app.
  • Personalized and actionable insights: The BIOSENSETM mobile app provides personalized ketosis insights, goal tracking and sharing functionalities. Users can see Daily, Weekly and Monthly ketone trends, which provide a unique view of the accumulated time and depth of one’s nutritional ketosis. In early 2020, the app also lets users add meal and exercise events to provide more context to their individual ketone journey.

“People who want a simple, accurate tool to help them better navigate their journey toward improved metabolic health should give BIOSENSETM a try,” said Victoria Field, Co-founder of Metabolic Health Initiative, the organization that hosts Metabolic Health Summit. “The device is incredibly easy to use, and I love the fact that I can take my measurements on the go in just one quick breath. It’s the perfect ketosis-companion!”

“I met the Readout team and knew their expertise and product vision could vastly improve the way ketones are monitored. They have done an exceptional job of bringing this product to market at an optimal time,” said Jim McCarter, MD, PhD. “Readout and its Biosense device enter the market at a time when the benefits of nutritional ketosis are becoming mainstream for consumers, virtual clinics treating chronic disease, and academic research at leading institutions like Washington University in St. Louis.”

“We are thrilled to lead this round of investment in Readout,” said Charlie Bolten, BioGenerator Senior Vice President, who joins the Readout board of Directors with the financing. “The Biosense platform can be a market leader in consumer products to support a healthier lifestyle.”

To date, Readout Health has secured $1.2 million from investors, including venture backers BioGenerator, iSelect Fund and Synchrony Bio, and is involved in a research collaboration at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

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