STL Sitter Allows You To Book A Babysitter Instantaneously: Date Night, Anyone?

Morgan Clark's startup finds an easier way to connect parents to qualified sitters in the STL area.

In March of this year, Clark, a 26-year-old St. Louis native, launched a local, full-service babysitting agency with comprehensive online capabilitiesโ€”a first in the area. And in the last six months STL Sitter has grown so much that they’re movingย offices into CIC St. Louis.

STL Sitter Founder Morgan Clark Photo: Jeannie Liautaud Photography

โ€œSTL Sitter is growing through word of mouth,โ€ says Clark. “When our clients are happy, they refer their friends.โ€

STL Sitter is inspired by Clarkโ€™s experience working as a babysitter for Sitting Made Simple, a local babysitting service in Columbus, Ohio, founded by Amanda Knapp.ย Sitting Made Simple focuses on providing exceptional childcare to local families, and Knapp also created an interactive website making it easy for parents to book a sitter.

Clark was so intrigued by the business model that she began interning for Knapp and quickly realized it was something really unique.

โ€œI saw this business concept take off in Columbus. I saw the families that benefited; I saw sitters that put themselves through school through babysitting,โ€ Clark says. โ€œAnd I think St. Louisans deserve all of those same benefits!โ€

What makes STL Sitter different than other online agencies out there, Clark says, is that it is so much more than a website.

โ€œWith our software, clients have the ability to book a sitter almost instantaneously. There is really nothing like that in the country.โ€

As for the booking process? It’s pretty simple: Parents pay a one-time $50 registration fee, create a profile, choose the time and date for the service, browse available sitters and pay a booking fee. The sitters can be booked for the same day or months in advance.

As for the vetting process, STL Sitter has done all the work. Through extensive interviews, background and driving record checks, references and CPR certification checks, parents can be assured that their children will be in the care of a safe and qualified sitter.

Clarkโ€™s enthusiasm and determination are evident, as is her business savvy. Her father is a small business owner, like his father before him.

โ€œThere is a huge sense of pride in owning your own business and also a huge sense of responsibility, she says. “I love that every day is something different.ย  A new challenge, a new beginning, new opportunities. Ups and downs and everything in between. Itโ€™s truly exciting.โ€

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