The Power of Transformation Is The Strategy For This Community Focused Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we had the opportunity to talk with visionary strategist, master communicator, top-notch trainer and facilitator Rebeccah Bennett. She is the Founder and Principal of Emerging Wisdom LLC.

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The InPower Institute, a division of Emerging Wisdom, offers hundreds of programs and events that spur human growth. Rebeccah and her team teach participants how to unlock their personal power to create extraordinary lives and shares lessons she has learned from her own soul-stirring journey through life and entrepreneurship.

For Rebeccah, her vision was always clear: She was made to create change. At a young age, she saw her mother active within social justice and political arenas in Washington, D.C.

At her heel, Rebeccah learned that she too had the opportunity to lead from the front from where she could create the change and transformation she wanted to see in the world. Indeed, before launching Emerging Wisdom, she led a successful career in public policy consulting, organizational and community planning and public engagement for over 20 years.

“I always knew I was going to be in the politics and policy growing up,” said Rebeccah. “However, there was always this divine agitation that told me there was something more.”

Emerging Wisdom is in the business of transformation. Rebeccah and her team transform not just organizations, but people and the communities in which they live. There’s a level of awareness and commitment that is essential to shift your state of mind from “where you are” towards creating life-changing experiences with others.

Emerging Wisdom’s InPower Institute is the center for community healing and optimal living through personal transformations and community. It’s the human change sector of the business offering hundreds of workshops, programs and services in several areas including:

  • Abundant Living
  • Holistic Health and Healing
  • Community Injustices
  • Spiritual Growth and Discovery

“The outcome of InPower Institute is not just that you feel happier,” said Rebeccah. “But that you have the capacity and the facilities to reimagine the world in which you live and then to see a better life and future for you and those who come behind you.”

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