The TenantLoop App Aims to Improve Landlord-Renter Communication (Finally!)

Jeff Dinter's new startup TenantLoop looks to connect Landlords and Renters more efficiently.

Rental property managers and landlords are all too familiar with how difficult it is to contact renters and hear back in a timely manner. Likewise, anyone who’s been a renter knows the challenge of reaching their landlord when the garbage disposal breaks down or there’s a leak.

Everyone is busy, and traditional methods of communication—phone calls, emails, text messages—can easily get lost or forgotten. The result: unhappy tenants and ongoing tension.

Entrepreneur and Creative Director/Founder of 3mbassy Jeff Dinter was himself, a frustrated renter. The back-and-forth maintenance requests were confusing and getting out of control, so he set out to create a solution.

Dinter picked up partner Jimmy Lien, a mobile developer with property management background, through a Linkedin search, and after extensive interviews with potential customers, the team built TenantLoop: a mobile-first communication platform for landlords and tenants. Designed for iOS, Android and website use, the app houses every issue and request that exists in the relationship of leaser-lessee.

Jeff Dinter, founder of TenantLoop, is no stranger to startups. He also serves as Creative Director and Founder of 3mbassy, which offices in the OPO Annex in St. Charles. 3mbassy is a design-focused startup studio that partners with startups and growing brands. Photo Credit: Jeff Le

“Creating one location for everything makes communication seamless and empowers property managers to provide better customer service,” says Dinter. “We simplify everything that happens after the lease is signed.“

Through the app, tenants can instant message their property manager with any concerns or questions and set up autopay each month for rent. Push notifications can alert them when the landlord has maintenance visits scheduled, or when there are any reminders or emergencies. The app also securely holds lease agreements and other important documents all in one place.

For the property manager, TenantLoop allows them to manage multiple properties, store expense reports and streamline the maintenance request process, leading to better customer service and a protected investment. The happier a tenant is, the more likely they are to renew leases, offer referrals and provide positive reviews.

TenantLoop is a property management and communication platform for everything that happens after the lease is signed. Photo Credit: Jeff Le

Because handling maintenance requests consumes a large chunk of a landlord’s time, TenantLoop is developing a feature that will enable them to submit a maintenance request to their service team or to create a work order for local service providers to bid on a project.

“Property managers have their go-to handyman who addresses most issues, but if they need a specialist, our platform will help find one,” Dinter says.  “Either way, all parties are involved in the conversation.”

Currently, the TenantLoop team is seeking property managers and landlords with single-family or multi-unit complexes who are interested in tenant retention and improved relationships.

For tenants interested in using the app, TenantLoop is looking for potential beta testers, specifically renters who would like to use the app to set up autopayment, thereby introducing their landlord/property manager to the app.

“It’s time for improved communication, transparency and trust between property managers and tenants,” says Dinter. “TenantLoop is the platform to make it happen.”

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