Three Workforce Development Orgs Form Regional Alliance Around Coding Skills

Coding Bootcamp, Savvy Coders, UAW Labor and Employment and Training Corporation, and Midwest Urban Strategies Seek to Help More Missourians Gain the Skills for 21st Century Jobs.

Savvy Coders, a St. Louis based coding boot camp, the UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation (LETC), and the Midwest Urban Strategies of Milwaukee have announced a new alliance dedicated to the shared objectives of training, retraining, placing, and employing a diverse talent pool including the unemployed, underemployed, minorities, and veterans.

Founder and CEO of Savvy Coders, Elaine Queathem, said, โ€œWe are always looking to achieve our mission of training marginalized or ignored populations the invaluable full-stack software development skills that lead to great, high-paying jobs for our graduates, while also contributing to the St. Louis and St. Louis Metroโ€™s economic growth.”

Savvy Coders launched in St. Louis in 2015 and has grown the boot camp to also include operations in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. They teach students how to code and have assisted in job placement after graduation.

Lead Trainer Alex Pearson helps students at a Savvy Coders Intro Session.

UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporationโ€™s Operations Manager, Kelly Spangler, said, โ€œwe are looking to serve our members and community by helping individuals learn the skills that lead to high-paying, great jobs in St. Louis and the greater metro. Partnering with Savvy Coders and the folks at Midwest Urban Strategies, is a win for all of us and our constituents, especially when we help underserved folks train and find good jobs.โ€

LETCโ€™s Nick Robinson, Assistant to the President, said, โ€œwe are dedicated to serving our community and growing our regionโ€™s economy. We found good partners in Elaine and Tracey, and we know that together we can accomplish great things.โ€

Midwest Urban Strategiesโ€™ Tracey Carey, who has been involved in helping underrepresented people train for and find great jobs including in Missouri, said, โ€œWe believe that working with Savvy Coders and the UAW will bolster our efforts and deliver on our mission to help the unemployed and underemployed gain valuable skills and land great jobs with good pay and a bright future.โ€

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