Two Local Startups Team Up to Serve Restaurants

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  • Published on August 4, 2020
  • Last Updated October 4, 2021
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Local restaurant delivery service Food Pedaler and social venture GiftAMeal have teamed up to help feed those in need in St. Louis, while supporting local restaurants.

Gifted Meals On Wheels

Food Pedaler is now listed on the free GiftAMeal mobile application, and GiftAMeal app users can take a picture of their Food Pedaler delivery order to help provide a meal to someone in need through Operation Food Search. If users then share their photo on Facebook or Instagram, a second or third meal is provided. There are currently 29 restaurants participating in Food Pedalerโ€™s delivery program (16 in Central West End and 13 in Downtown St. Louis).

Bundled Discounts

In addition to the app partnership, the companies have partnered to support St. Louis area restaurants in further capacities. From August 4th through September 4th, restaurants currently partnered with Food Pedaler can sign up for GiftAMealโ€™s program at a discounted rate.

Restaurants on GiftAMealโ€™s program can sign up with Food Pedaler at a discounted rate as well โ€” even restaurants outside of Food Pedalerโ€™s current service areas can join and lock in the special rate for the future when Food Pedaler eventually serves their neighborhood. Restaurants currently not partnered with either platform can sign up for both with an exclusive packaged rate.

Delivering Through Lockdown

โ€œWe are thrilled to work with Food Pedaler to feed the St. Louis community,โ€ said Andrew Glantz, Founder & CEO of GiftAMeal. โ€œAs the pandemic hit, delivery became more important than ever before for restaurants. With Food Pedaler being a local company, this partnership just made sense as we look for more ways to support both restaurants and the food insecure.โ€

Alex Ward, Owner of Food Pedaler, echoed Glantzโ€™s excitement. โ€œWeโ€™ve always been supporters of organizations that help food insecure individuals and families living in our city,โ€ he said.

Food Pedaler has been philanthropy partners with local nonprofit The Fit and Food Connection since 2019. โ€œPartnering with a like-minded start-up like GiftAMeal was a natural next step for us.โ€

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