EdTech Startup Launches Learning Platform for Life Skills Parents Can Teach At Home

Capital Innovators 2020 portfolio company, Youthful Savings, premier education technology company, has launched an upgrade to their digital education platform, The Learning Marketplace (TLM), which offers supplemental learning tools for the millions of students, ranging in ages from 5 to 25, currently adopting virtual education modalities.

“We could never have imagined that our planned upgrade would coincide with this pandemic, which has forced students worldwide to continue their schooling virtually,” said Somya Munjal, Youthful Savings’ Founder and CEO. Munjal explains that TLM education modules are based on an ‘experiential learning’ model; that is learning through action.

“Our products are created by a community of stellar educators from around the world. We focus on teaching youth practical life skills and heart-centered leadership through a range of arguably under-represented topics, including entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, self-growth, financial management, and more.”

Life Skills Parents Can Teach At Home

These topics, she says, are tackled in non-traditional formats that tap into the unique, new learning styles of today’s internet immersed youth. Though much of TLM’s curriculum may be learned in online, self-study formats, through global corporate partners, Youthful Savings has also co-hosted several live learning experiences across the United States and Australia.

“Some of our corporate partners for TLM events have included JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, and National Australian Bank. Each partnership has granted potentially disenfranchised youth an opportunity to expand their hearts and minds through thoughtful, engaged learning.”

Youthful Savings will host its first live, virtual learning experience on April 4th, presenting TLM’s Building Humble Confidence through Economic Empowerment learning module. Parents and youth are encouraged to participate in the online learning event together.

Registration is available directly through the platform: The Learning Marketplace

Creating a Bottom-Up Economy

Meanwhile, Youthful Savings Foundation, the company’s sponsoring 501(c)3 organization, is actively working to raise a $15 million fund to invest in education and youth-formed businesses.

“For over eight years, TLM’s leading learning product, My Own Business Challenge, has successfully inspired youth businesses,” Munjal explains.

“Last year one of our young participants sold his business to a publicly-traded company. That made us realize that we should be investing in more youth, more quickly, to help create a bottom-up economy.”

As we approach a possible global recession, Munjal believes this is the ideal time to empower the 20% youth population to play a role in the world economy.

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