EQ, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and TheSTL.com, Join Forces on #TaxDay to Discuss Media’s Role in Regional Storytelling

Our new session at #EQLeadershipLabs offers an extremely rare opportunity to sit down with established media organizations and media literacy experts to dig into the underpinning philosophy of media and the role it plays in society.

Join us for an exciting discussion during EQ Leadership Labs about media literacy with local editors and reporters. This session aims to teach readers aspects of media literacy, transparency around the media production process, and share practical insights into the craft of journalism.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about how PR could benefit your startup, or you are a budding digital marketer, this session will shed light on how the media is approachable and extremely interested in what’s happening around innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

This is a great opportunity to understand the day-to-day routine work of the media industry. The discussion will share insights into how you can collaborate with journalists to establish powerful relationships, win permission to pitch news stories, develop angles and get your story out there.

We are excited to welcome the following speakers:
David Nicklaus- Business columnist for the St. Louis Post Dispatch for the past three decades.
Allison Babka- Editor of the newly formed website theSTL.com which aims to showcase the makers that are advancing the St. Louis community.
Natacha Casey- Associate professor of communications at Blackburn College where she teaches a variety of courses including media and information literacy, and communication theory.
Danyelle Little- Blogger, author, speaker, media personality, andKTRS Director of Social Media & Digital Marketing

Topics we’ll be covering:
– share how entrepreneurs are meant to work with the media – whether via PR companies, or ideally, directly
– share direct insights into our values, our processes and our ethics
– explain how to mine your company for stories
– how to recognize angles
– share the importance of knowing your (and your fave media outlets’) audience
– what to include with a pitch
– how to get a reporter to care
– understanding deadlines and production schedules,

The panel will be followed by a round of Q&A. Join this session at EQ Leadership Labs on Monday 15th (session schedule) to get all your questions answered and learn how you can work with the media to empower your business goals and further your entrepreneurial journey.

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