Growth is About Making Vision-Shaping Shifts for this Dynamic Entrepreneur

On this episode of Entrepreneurially Thinking, we talk with Marissa Paine, Founder of Painfree Coaching & Consulting and Marissa Q. Paine International and co-host of the Life, Love and Leadership podcast whose work as a culture-shifter inspires and supports leaders to realize their full potential.

Marissa first joined us in the studio in 2016 where she shared what it takes to follow your dreams, put the β€œpeople” in change management, and name your goals. Today she’s three years deeper into her entrepreneurial journey, with a new brand and a new vision under her belt.

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A powerhouse with more than 20 years of leadership experience in corporate, non-profit, faith-based and higher education settings, Marissa has recently made some fundamental changes to her brand, business model and target market. Now leading in the market with the Marissa Q. Paine brand she is focused on shifting the culture of relationships, businesses and lives.

This transformation was born of many things including a sabbatical designed to give Marissa the time she needed to figure out how best to create a meaningful impact in the world. Using a morning routine that includes centering and journaling, she continues to reflect on her goals and define what she hopes to accomplish each day. This, along with use of her personal vision board, has given her clarity around where she was going in both her personal and professional lives.

By living the journey Marissa has acquired first-hand experience with what it takes to have a vision and do the hard work required to make it a reality. Critical to creating these changes is Marissa’s willingness to embrace the need for β€œshifts” – the small adjustments that lead to transformation. Today, she helps others take their own journeys to define their purpose and reimagine their businesses and lives in ways that create new perspectives, reveal new possibilities and open up new opportunities one degree of change at a time.

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