ITEN Launches Eureka Experience

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  • Published on October 9, 2020
  • Last Updated October 3, 2021
  • In Entrepreneur Quarterly
  • Edited by EQ

The Eureka Experience integrates the power of LEANSTACK tools and curriculum into our network of mentors, corporate customers, student research teams, and tailored follow-on support. Entrepreneurs gain the skills, knowledge, and framework to put their startup on the path to success without wasting time, money, and other valuable resources.

ITEN, a division of Lindenwood University, announces the launch of the Eureka Experience. Powered by LEANSTACK, a global leader in entrepreneurship methodology, Eureka is designed to accelerate entrepreneurs in the first two stages of their commercialization journey โ€“ ideation and validation.

โ€œEureka addresses one of the most critical hurdles faced by tech entrepreneurs, validating product or market fit and business model development,โ€ said Mary Louise Helbig, Executive Director. โ€œOur goal for introducing Eureka is to identify startups, at the earliest stage possible, who have the greatest potential for success and guide them through the commercialization process then follow-up with additional ITEN programs and referrals to our community partners.โ€

Eureka Experience has two components, Ideation and Validation. Now through Oct.18, entrepreneurs can enroll in Ideation, a free 8-week program exploring potential business models which results in an executable roadmap for early traction.

Eureka Experience: Ideation is available free of charge to ITEN companies through the support of Lindenwood University. To learn more about Eureka and joining ITEN, visit

โ€œCombining the proven LEANSTACK methodology and tools with our robust network of mentors and resources creates the ideal environment for entrepreneurs to test whatโ€™s worth pursuing, and creates a roadmap to make it happen,โ€ said Melissa Grizzle, Director of Entrepreneur Development. โ€œThis first component of the Eureka Experience compels entrepreneurs to test the feasibility, viability, and desirability of their solutions to ensure they are investing time, money, and other resources in ones with the strongest market fit.โ€

Ideation is designed to prepare startups for the second component of Eureka Experience, Validation. Validation will announce its inaugural cohort in Jan. 2021. In addition to an expanded LEANSTART curriculum, startups selected for this elite program will have access to strong wraparound services including student research teams and access to corporations serving as early adopters and pilot program participants.

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