Enterprise Innovation: Debbie Barta, Global Platform Lead at Simplify Commerce by Mastercard

EQ caught up with Debbie Barta, Global Platform Lead at Simplify Commerce, a startup within the Mastercard corporation.

Debbie Barta | Photographer: Wesley Law

You oversee all facets of Simplify Commerce’s platform ownership, including design and development. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who want to create a successful platform?

The end user must come first. You’ll see that mindset permeated throughout everything we do. Unlike other payment platforms, we strive to keep our technology incredibly simple and intuitive. Our features provide businesses with sophisticated technology made simple with clean visuals and helpful supporting tools.

We know that business owners have a lot on their plate. Many have to work autonomously, which is why so many of our features were designed with minimal integration time and can be leveraged without technical support.

How do you describe the innovation culture of Simplify Commerce?

Innovation and technology advancements are embedded in our culture. We are constantly thinking of new and different ways to tackle customer pain points, especially as we continue to expand into new markets with new challenges.

The payments space continues to evolve globally, and we’re excited to be able to help businesses with all of the changes.

In what ways are you—and the team—inspired to continue innovating?

We have such a diverse mix of businesses on our platform. What inspires us is the ability to help businesses grow and succeed.

Read about how Simplify Commerce got its start at Mastercard here.

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