Summary: “St. Louis Is the Silicon Valley of Agtech”

An article titled St. Louis Is the Silicon Valley of AgTech from states that over the past decade, St. Louis has established itself as a major hotspot in the AgTech. The article cites St. Louis’ agricultural heritage, top-tier universities, booming startup culture, and AgTech giants like Monsanto and DuPont as the primary reasons why.

Along with these myriad contributors to the area’s AgTech success, the relatively new innovation community 39 North is also making waves. Covering nearly 600 acres across the state of Missouri, 39 North includes many of the top AgTech companies in the region and is designed to provide a work environment valuable to today’s scientific workers with residential and office space connected by walking and biking trails.

With technology in the AgTech field growing exponentially, Missouri companies, like Monsanto’s Climate Corporation, are leading the way in investment and innovation, the article goes on to say. The technology is a product of the state’s world-class graduates from Missouri Universities and the AgTech cluster that draws to the state the highest concentration of plant science PhDs in the world.

The Danforth Plant Center, located at 39 North has partnered for the past 10 years with Larta Institute, to produce a premiere event in U.S. AgTech innovation, the Ag Innovation Showcase.

Ag Innovation Showcase is an event held annually in St. Louis that showcases the world’s best and brightest in the AgTech industry. The event held from Sept. 10-12 provides a venue for AgTech startups. For more information and to register for the event, click here.

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