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St. Louis Startup News Round-up: Denim and Pluton Raise Millions

Danforth Center Spinout Benson Hill Goes Public; the Second “Unicorn” in St. Louis

Benson Hill Launches “Crop Accelerator” Plant Science Testing Center

Danforth Center Scientist Partners on $6.2M Climate Change Project

Social Cost of Carbon

Kansas City Agtech Startup expands to St. Louis

Why Plant-based Protein is Everywhere Now

Danforth Plant Science Center to Launch Geospatial Innovation Center

Danforth Center Wins $1.5 Million Federal Grant

Pluton Biosciences Raises $6.6M on Heels of Carbon Capture Research

Benson Hill Buys Soybean Crushing Facility

ICYMI: Here’s the 8 Startups from Yield Lab’s Sustainable Agtech Challenge

Yield Lab Invests in Food Supply Chain Startup

Danforth Center Plans Institute for Restoration of Human-impacted Landscapes

Plastomics Hires “Corn Transformation Expert”

Insect Control AgTech Startup Raises $1M

CoverCress Names New CEO

On WSJ: Benson Hill Going Public in $2bn SPAC Merger

Pluton Biosciences Accepted into Plug and Play AgTech Accelerator

On Feast Magazine: Heru Urban Farming wants to make fresh produce more equitable in St. Louis

On Fox2Now: Heru Urban Farming receives $50,000 from UMSL

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Heru Urban Farming is Bringing Good Food Closer to Home

Agrela Ecosystems Founder Raises $1.4M in Grants for Smart Farm Research Project

From Geospatial to AgTech, St. Louis’ Business Scene is Booming

Benson Hill Launches Seed Company Focused on Food and Feed Grade Soybeans

Creve Coeur Biotech Company, Benson Hill, Branches Into the Seed Business

Fast-growing AgTech Firm Launches New Company

BioGenerator Wins $750,000 in Federal Funds to Expand Labs and Grants to Build New St. Louis AgTech Companies

The Yield Lab Institute Announces Manure Challenge Sponsors and Industry Advisors

The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Charlie Walch from Pluton Biosciences

Benson Hill Biosystem in Forbes: Good News For The Future Of Beers

The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with James Forbes from Good Life Growing

NanoGuard Technologies Closes ~$6M Series A Round to Reduce Food Waste

Benson Hill Biosystems Names St. Louis As Headquarters, Announces Expansion Plans

The Climate Corporation Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

The Yield Lab Announces Five New Portfolio Companies

The Yield Lab Launches Venture Fund and Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific

Arvegenix Raises $2 million, Rebrands as CoverCress

The Bourbon Friday Show

The Bourbon Friday Show with Connie Bowen from Yield Lab

Steve Case at TechCrunch Disrupt: There’ll be an AgTech startup belt around St. Louis

The Ag Innovation Showcase looks to the Future of Farming and Food

Summary: “St. Louis Is the Silicon Valley of Agtech”

Agrilyst Provides a Platform for Indoor Farmers to Understand Their Data

IoT in Agriculture Makes Heartland Tech Really Sexy

With Help From The Yield Lab, Aptimmune Biologics Gains Access to the Worldwide Market

St. Louis AgTech Accelerator Growing into Global Influencer

St. Louis Has “Agglomeration” In AgTech, According To A Brookings Report, And That’s A Good Thing

Farmers Are Businesspeople, Too

AgTech Firm AeroFarms Maximizes Production and Efficiency while Producing Tastier “Lifestyle Greens”

Guy Weitzman Atomation

Meet Me in St. Louis: Maintaining Team Cohesion Between the Midwest and the Middle East

Saturn Agroscience

AgTech Pioneer Benson Hill Biosystems Launches New Subsidiary

From Science Research to IoT Device Design: Plant Analytics Startup Grows With Arch Grants

GlobalSTL Formalizes Business Development Agreement with French AgTech Accelerator

Consumer Trends Drive AgTech Industry Development Slowly But Surely

Farmers Aren’t Just the Backbone of America. They’re People Too.

Agriculture Is A Bellwether Industry; AgTech A Bellwether Of Change In The Heartland


Davos On The Delta Connects Farmers, Distributors, and Buyers, to Spur Innovation in AgTech

Could St. Louis Become the Next Startup Nation?

Lean Media

Lean Media Closes $500K in Seed Funding from Missouri Investors

Why Missouri Innovation Leaders Should Focus on AgTech and Autonomous Vehicles

St. Louis is the Silicon Valley of AgTech

Is St. Louis the Silicon Valley of Agtech?

Danforth Center Awarded $16MM to Enhance Sorghum for Bioenergy

Plastomics is Growing the Next Generation of Crops With Agtech


Biotech Crop Startup Plastomics Raises Investment For Early Seed Round

AgTech Accelerator Adds Three New Managing Directors

GlobalSTL Attracts International Healthcare Innovators by Focusing in on St. Louis Strengths


NRGene Is Racing Against Time to Solve Hunger


Argentina-Based AgIdea Is Bringing Cutting-Edge Ag-Tech Innovation to America

The Agile Mission of BioGenerator’s Grants Program

39 North Plant Science Innovation District Plays Home to St. Louis’ Booming AgTech Sector


Israeli AgTech Startup Kaiima is Blooming in St. Louis

Israel AgTech Innovation Delegation

One Day To Sell STL: 12 Israel AgTech Companies Visit St. Louis on Spring Delegation

Ginger Imster

Ginger Imster on Making St. Louis a Startup Magnet

Blue Orb

BlueOrb Wants to Make Us Healthier Through Safe, Smart Crops

Chris Danforth

Meet Chris Danforth: General Partner Cultivation Capital Life Sciences Fund

AgTech Startup Raises $2.4 Million from Local Investors

Automation team GlobalSTL

From Israel to Ireland: Checking in With GlobalSTL

The Yield Lab St. Louis Announces 2017 Portfolio

Yield Lab Invests in Three Ag Startups, Announces Expansion to Argentina


From Argentina to St. Louis: AgTech Company AgIdea Expands in Missouri


Lifepack’s Paper Products Help Sustainability Bloom

Lean Media

Lean Media Helps Agribusiness Advertise Effectively

St. Louis’s Plant Science Innovation District: 39 North

39 North Plant Science District

St. Louis’ Plant Science Innovation District to Be Called 39 North

Sheila Sweeney

Interview: Sheila Sweeney on St. Louis’ Emerging AgTech Corridor

Lewis & Clark Ventures Raises $20 Million for Agriculture Technology

Cultivation Capital Leads $1.2M Financing Round in S4

Climate Change: The Yield Lab’s Answer to the Standard Accelerator Model

Tomas Pena of S4 Finds a Home Away From Home in St. Louis

Israeli Company NRGene Chooses St. Louis for U.S. Headquarters

Disrupting the Food Conversation with Vance Crowe of Monsanto

That’s Life (Sciences)

Startup News

Architectural Planning Works Starts on Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Tom Brutnell

How Tom Brutnell Balances Plant Science Research with Industry Applications

Yield Lab Announces 2016 Portfolio Companies

Glow In The Dark Plants: Disrupting Lighting with Plant Genomics and Alexander Krichevsky